Ready to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and ability to me more present in your daily life? Ready to feel better in body and mind? Yoga is for everyone — whether you are brand new to the practice or an experienced practitioner, my classes are designed for all ability levels. All you need is a yoga mat, towel, and water. Be prepared to sweat! Join me for class in Fort Worth, Texas at YogaSix and The Studio. See you on the mat!



with Stephanie and Kelly

Friday, March 1st, 2024



Location: THE STUDIO | 620 South Jennings Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104


Join Stephanie and Kelly for a special partner yoga class designed to deepen your practice and add a little playfulness. We’ll explore stretches that enhance your depth and relaxation, balance poses that provide more support and stability and also provide a fresh perspective on popular poses with the assistance of your partner. Besides your mat, all we ask of you is a sense of curiosity and an openness to a playful practice.


No partner to bring? No problem. We’ll pair you up during the class with another student. It’s designed to be inclusive for all, so we welcome all degrees of yoga experience.


Retreat to the Ranch

April 12-14, 2024

Forestburg, TX


Inspired by the idea of summer camp, but you’re now in your glamping era? Join us when we take over Ponderosa Ranch for a weekend of yoga, activities of your choice, chef-prepared meals and community time around the campfire.


Each cabin has super cozy beds, thoughtful amenities and rustic charm. The rooms include a mini fridge for you to bring your favorite things and an attached outdoor shower with toiletries and complete privacy. Find the accommodation type that works for you, including the option to choose a converted school bus for a unique glamping experience.


Yoga offerings include Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Meditation taught by Kelly and/or Stephanie. When we’re not flowing or stretching, you’ll have ample time to hike, canoe or paddle board.  And you’ll want to save time for a longhorn feeding. If you want to explore beyond the ranch, the quaint town of Saint Jo is close by which includes shopping and wineries.

Cozy Lakeside Fall Retreat at Sunrise Point

November 1-3, 2024

Malakoff, TX


This gorgeous location ushers in fall with serenity and warmth. Expanded options allow you to come for a day, one night or two. Spend time to connect with yourself or join with a person dear to you.


Each day is filled with yoga: vinyasa, yin, restorative and/or meditation. Our special partner yoga class is guaranteed to be the highlight of your practice this weekend.


Friday evening snacks, weekend breakfasts and Saturday lunch are all provided. Our Saturday night community dinner invites you to unleash your creative culinary skills as we share a collective meal together. And it’s fall, so we guarantee s’mores by the campfire, too!



Your Authentic Voice

As yoga teachers, we aspire to communicate thoughtfully and authentically with our students. Let’s be real, this takes time and energy, which can be in short supply with a full schedule. This workshop is an opportunity to press pause and uncover what you’re communicating to your students and how you’re doing it. Revisit the foundations of language and speech to fine-tune the skill of using your authentic voice. Remind yourself what yoga means to you, identify what you want to communicate, and recognize how your values play a part in bringing this to life. Leave with greater awareness of what makes your voice unique and how to use it to convey your message with greater meaning.

Presence & Connection

Connection is a basic human need that impacts our physical, emotional and mental health. As yoga teachers, our students trust in us to provide a safe space for them to connect with themselves. What we value as teachers is represented in how we show up, communicate and build connection with our students. In this workshop, you’ll reexamine your values and intentions as a teacher and consider how they impact the way you prepare for class, what you embody in front of your students, and how you cultivate meaningful connections. Return to your students with a renewed sense of yourself, reenergized to breathe new life into your teaching.

Ignite Your Spark

Take time to replenish yourself and nourish your mind and body. Uncover how you’re using your energy and how to re-ignite your spark and passion for teaching. This workshop is an opportunity to establish healthy boundaries, identify ongoing wellness activities for yourself, and evaluate additional support you need. Leave feeling equipped with new self-care priorities that feel empowering and sustainable.