Yoga, Wellness or Both

Welcoming Wellness

Being able to make positive changes begins with awareness. This workshop is an opportunity to get curious about why you value your health and develop a picture of your optimal state of wellness. You’ll explore the areas that embody a lifestyle of holistic wellness and assess what is inconsistent with your vision. Leave feeling prepared to take the next step in creating a strategy curated for you, by you.

Choosing Health

What happens when life keeps getting in the way of your intentions to implement healthy behaviors? This workshop will give you the space to breathe new life into your wellness needs. We’ll review your values and tap into the competing priorities in your life to uncover what’s impacting your health. You’ll create a clear and intentional mission for yourself and leave with a realistic plan that supports your wellness.

Employee Wellness & Engagement

An employee’s ability to remain engaged and thrive in their role is directly related to their wellbeing. Research shows that when employees are thriving, they take fewer sick days, deliver a higher quality of work, and have less burnout and turnover – all behaviors that will benefit your organization’s culture and success. In this workshop, your employees will learn the science behind stress and ways they can better respond to it. They will assess the elements within their direct control, how they are impacting their ability to thrive, and create a plan to enhance their health and elevate their performance.