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Hi, I’m Stephanie!


Belonging is personal- a feeling and belief that you fit into a group and have a place. 


Belonging is social – a feeling of acceptance by a group. Feeling safe and recognized. 


My intention as a yoga teacher is to provide experiences that welcome everyone, empower individuals and create connection to a community. Here’s why. 



I Welcome Everyone

A sense of belonging exists when you have a secure connection to a community of people that aligns with your beliefs and/or interests. A sense of belonging starts with self-acceptance. By accepting who we are, we acknowledge our qualities, imperfections and values – and gravitate to the people and places where they are embraced and appreciated. We share the multitudes we contain and encourage others to do the same. 



I Empower Individuals

I believe in embracing what lights you up, being real about where you are and valuing all that you embody right now. By connecting yourself to your values, you embrace your unique power to make the best choices for yourself. 



I Create Community

Yoga’s essence is to unify, to yoke, to bring together. Yoga experiences can be the vehicle to hold space for people to move and breathe together and feel connected to each other. By welcoming everyone and holding space for you, my community becomes broader, fuller and more authentic. 


Yoga Right Now

I’m not afraid to acknowledge there is still an opportunity to bring everyone into yoga spaces, to empower individual experiences and to create inclusive communities. 


And now, for me…

My sankalpa is to build communities where age, race, ability, body shape/size and gender are acknowledged and counted. 


To be in and hold spaces that say “I see you” and to stop saying ‘ I don’t see (x)’. IYKYK.


For the majority of my life, I felt as if I was on the edge of belonging. Being multi-racial can seem as if you belong to both and to neither. Being a female in male-dominated professions can fuel your doubt in your own power. And being ‘the only’ can feel as if you’re visiting someone else’s community.


When I first started to practice in a yoga studio, I knew in my heart I belonged. I knew it because it stirred up authentic feelings of spirituality and invited me to bring all the multitudes of me. I was finally in a place that empowered me to connect to myself with a deeper sense of intimacy. I finally accepted all of me and became comfortable and grounded in my values and beliefs. 


However diversity was lacking no matter where I went. First it was the lack of gender diversity. Then I wished I wasn’t the only person of color in the room. People of different abilities steered away from yoga rooms. I endeavor to see a variety of people sharing a sacred space and experience the complexity and variety of us as humans. 


As a yoga teacher, I want to look out and see who we are as a broader community. To be in spaces that aren’t homogenous and typical. Why? Because differences are interesting and we learn from each other’s cultures, experiences and values. In that learning, we can understand, interact, debate, accept and unite. 


So if this speaks to you, welcome into my community, let’s get to know each other. I’m always working on creating experiences and providing access to unite us all together. My experiences will help people discover their power and strength. And encourage them to show up and share their most authentic self. 


Explore my yoga and health coaching offerings, events, and get in touch with me if you have any questions. Thank you for being here!